Panic Attacks — 2 Comments

  1. Wow…you are brave to share your story. While I don’t know if I have GAD, I know I have severe anxiety and it gets in the way of everyday life. Somedays, I don’t want to be around another human being because my anxiety is so bad. I live in NYC too, and the subway can be a nightmare. I find when I’m sleep deprived my anxiety is worse.

    My website is about the importance of fitness for sanity, not vanity. Sometimes working out, even in the privacy of your own home is the only way to temporarily relieve anxiety. There have been days, when I’ve left the gym because people got on the treadmills on both sides of me. Bam! panic attack. Anyway, good, important stuff here. If you don’t mind a suggestion–why not target GAD sufferers in NYC for your site. I’m sure any NYCer with GAD will relate. Take care.

    • Thanks for your kind words Bek! I believe that sharing my story will help others realize that they are not alone. Managing your anxiety through exercise is fantastic. Have you tried meditation? Perhaps you can add that to your “fitness for sanity”. I find that meditation and exercise are key elements to fighting anxiety because without them I would not be able to function.

      I have not lived in NYC for 20 years but I will definitely look into your suggestion.

      Good Luck with your site!


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